My experience in software development and managing teams.

Here I write about things I've learned. Primarily concerning Elixir, Phoenix, Golang, Swift, Kotlin, iOS, macOS and Android app development.

Bringing order to chaos with Jason

A writeup of a tricky bug I had to investigate when upgrading to OTP26 due to the change in map key ordering.

Multi-Cloud Deployment for Elixir & Phoenix with MRSK

The second part of my multi-cloud journey for Elixir. This post demonstrates how to deploy a Phoenix application to multiple clouds, cluster together and securely connect to a database instance.

Remote development for Phoenix with Gitpod

After listening to the Thinking Elixir podcast where Carter Bryden was advocating remote development environments I was keen to try it out for Phoenix development and wanted to share the setup.

httping - A Phoenix LiveView demo

Demo application using Phoenix LiveView to perform a continous HTTP ping reporting the speed breakdown

Building a BBC Sounds status bar app for macOS

The documentation of what I discovered while building a WebKit view status bar app for macOS with native media key support controlling the playback in the WebView.