Photograph of Richard Taylor

I'm Richard. I work and live in London with my family.

I've been a writing software and managing teams of developers for over 20 years. Before that I was a hobbyist programmer, before the days of the internet.

I started programming back in the 1980's when I would type out programs that were printed in the the back of magazines or attempt to record them over the radio, making sure nobody in the house moved while it was recording. This was a harsh introduction to debugging.

I spent around 10 years after University working in larger corporate companies before discovering the startup world, where I've spent over 10 years working on some amazing projects with incredible people.

In my previous role I was the CTO of Dizzie (formerly Good Club), where we were working on reducing plastic waste by providing groceries in reusable packaging that we collected and reused.

Today, I'm building an Law education platform for 7Sage, utilising the best of Elixir, Phoenix and LiveView to provide the best learning experience.