Using Launch Screens with RubyMotion

Rocket launch

Maintaining multiple launch screen images for different devices has always been a pain in iOS. Thankfully since iOS8 you can now use a custom view that can automatically adapt to different screen sizes.

In this post I’ll show you how to achieve this using RubyMotion.

Interface Builder

I’m not a fan of using Xcode for all my views but I think there are a couple of scenarios like this where it is a distinct advantage. In order to use the XCode editor for your RubyMotion project, you’ll need to install the ib gem and run bundle.


source ''
gem 'ib'

Now you can run rake ib:open which will open your RubyMotion project in Xcode.

Creating a Launch Screen

The first thing we want to do is create a new Launch Screen file.

In Xcode, expand the ib folder in the left-hand navigator to reveal the Resources directory. This Resources dir maps directly to the resources folder in your RubyMotion project.


Right click on Resources, choose New File… and create a new iOS > User Interface > Launch Screen. You can call yours whatever you like, I imaginitively went with LaunchScreen.


By default Xcode creates a new view that has a label with the name of your project, in this case ib. I changed the text to 76things in this example. At this point you can start customising the view to suit your needs, for example adding a logo for your app.


All that is now left to do is tell RubyMotion to use this screen as the launch screen.


Motion::Project::App.setup do |app|
  app.info_plist['UILaunchStoryboardName'] = 'LaunchScreen'

And that’s it! You now have a custom view for your launch screen that works nicely for all different screen sizes. If your launch screen is complex you can also take advantage of Auto Layout constraints.



We chose to use a Launch Screen when creating in Xcode but you can also use a blank Storyboard to achieve the same result. It requires a bit more work adding a View Controller and I’m not sure what advantage that would bring but it might be useful to know. See the resources below for more information.